Retention Roundup

Three ways the language app keeps us coming back

Customer or user retention is the ability of a product or service to retain its customers over a period of time. Marketers keep track of this important metric to help them better understand customer behavior — why people keep using a certain product or decide to abandon it after two weeks. Retention rates refer to existing customers and shouldn’t be mistaken for customer growth or decline rate.

This article looks at Duolingo’s marketing approach to keeping their user base consistently returning to their app and online platform. I’m not way paid or sponsored by Duolingo but I’ve been a regular…

How to reach more readers externally with these simple steps

It’s nice to see the high numbers when you open the Medium stats. What are some basic things we could do as writers to improve our visibility outside of the platform and increase the chance for people who are googling to discover our articles?

Hidden SEO Settings

I’ve never heard of this hidden feature on Medium until randomly finding August Birch’s article on this change from January last year:

Does it make a big difference? I don’t know, but it takes a minute to write 150 characters long description which could potentially increase your viewership ten folds if search engines rank your article…

Six lessons by the “laureate of American lowlife”

Henry Charles Bukowski, American-German poet, known for his dirty realism, cynicism, graphic language, and controversial writing. Time magazine called Bukowski a “laureate of American lowlife”. He must be one of the most polarizing authors among readers. The writer you either love or hate. With more than 1,000 poems, hundreds of short stories, and 6 novels, he’s had a substantial impact on modern American poetry and fiction.

Much has been said about his writing and personal lifestyle. Here are six quotes and lessons learned from his poems, stories, and different interviews.

1. Don’t bore the readers

“When you write, your words must go like this —…

Deflect negative thoughts with alternative positive scenarios

Everyone has negative thoughts.

You, me, the neighbors, celebrities from our favorite shows, sports athletes, politicians, everyone.

The question is how often you let these negative thoughts control your life and dictate what you do.

Neuroscience shows humans are wired to take the path of least resistance.

Our brains like to optimize and find the easiest solutions.

If negative thoughts make our life easier, we keep thinking negatively.

I’m a failure, nobody likes me, I can’t succeed in anything, there’s no point in trying. It’s better to keep watching Netflix and stuff my face with Cheetos.

It’s the easier route…

Why he quit his job as a president of 20th Century Fox

Scott Neeson is a Scottish-Australian film executive with 26 years in the industry who served as president of 20th Century Fox International and oversaw the budgeting and marketing activities of all-time blockbuster movies such as Braveheart, Star Wars, Titanic, and X-Men.

With all the success and impressive accomplishments, you would expect Scott to be fully happy and satisfied, but see what he says for this time of his life.

I thought there was something wrong with me, the more I got, the less happy I was.

We often hear about such stories of depressed celebrities who don’t know how to…

An entrepreneurship idea I heard in business school

I was a 3rd-year business university student in Glasgow, Scotland.

Apart from the rainy days, fish & chips, and pints of Tennents — I also had interesting business studies.

One of them, an elective class in Entrepreneurship, gave us the great opportunity to meet graduate students who were at the start of their entrepreneurial careers.

Young and ambitious entrepreneurs who were trying to make it in the real world.

Imagine the Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank TV shows, but instead of rich investors judging your business pitch, you had to present in front of a full class of business students.

It’s simple but extremely difficult to do.

You want to be the best at something — do what the most successful in that field are doing, and try to do it even better.

If you’re aiming for success on Medium, do research, read others’ work, and see how the most popular writers have made it to the top.

The one trait I’m talking about is the discipline to write day after day.

Tim Denning published 1,000 articles on Medium in 2 years. That’s a crazy amount for anybody who tried writing regularly.

He made $0 in the first year but kept developing and building his writing style…

Gurus who make money online by selling courses on how to make money online

You want to make $500,000 per month like my buddy Jon who re-sells kitty socks and fish T-shirts on Amazon. Say no more! Sign up for my 12-weeks online course for just $2,997 ONLY NOW! (reduced from $23,555) and start earning big bucks from home.

If you hear any of the above — it’s a scam.

If you hear: “How to make $25,000 in profit in less than 2 weeks flipping on eBay” — run away from it.

Don’t buy these courses. They’re all scams.

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Whenever you have the…

I didn’t feel like writing for the last 3 months. Even though I greatly enjoy writing at times, I had enough of it for the time being. Do you ever get tired of writing?

Even if you love something, keep doing it long enough and you’ll start hating it. It’s a known phenomenon and many examples could be found with athletes, professionals, and generally people who are really good at something. Not that I’m good at writing.

As one of the legends in tennis, Andre Agassi, shares in his autobiography.

I play tennis for a living even though I hate…

Understand the stats before you give up searching

9.8 new jobs are added to Indeed every second. Yet, it took me 6 months to get an HR entry position.

How long does it actually take for a person to find a suitable job? Is it easier for employers to fill a role quickly?

The recruiting experience can greatly vary from person to person as well as depending on positions, experience, and business industry.

Let’s look into the data.

Companies’ Perspective

Jobvite’s annual recruiting report is based on 10M applications and 50M job seekers, and it gives a clear perspective and hard evidence on the recruiting processes in the U.S. market.

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