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1,000,000 years of evolution

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Homo Erectus (Source: BBC)

Homo Erectus was the first species that really evolved towards our Homo Sapiens form, this is because it was the first species from our ancestors that started to travel and populate the world. Not only that but most importantly, it was the first species that actually spoke a very ancient language. This allows us to state that not only was the first language born about one million years ago but also, that without language, the Homo Erectus species might have not evolved, which means that we might have not reached this late stage in the evolution chain.

Were we able to communicate 1 million years ago?

Of course, this hypothesis has and is still being neglected by many researchers, however, we have discovered new evidence showing that, in fact, language could potentially be that old. Research from 2018 shows that the Homo Erectus species did not have the hyoid bone which would not allow the tongue to move, meaning that they had the ability to talk in a very primitive dialect. …

Resting on the Moon since 1999

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Eugene Shoemaker (Source: Atlas Obscura)

Humanity has seen only a handful of people that actually had the honor to step on a different planet, but at present, there is only one person who is “buried” on a different planet. The name of the soul that now rests on the Moon is Eugene Shoemaker, an astrogeologist who had worked with NASA since the 1960s and became famous when a comet that crashed on Jupiter in 1994 received his name (Shoemaker-Levy Comet).

The reason this comet became so famous is that this was the first time in human history that we had the chance to witness a planetary collision. …

Blood brother/sister pact

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The Norwegian warrior Örvar-Oddr bids a last farewell to his blood brother, the Swedish warrior Hjalmar, by Mårten Eskil Winge (1866). (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Commonly known as the ultimate ritual of friendship, the blood brotherhood pact has been known as one of the oldest traditions in humanity, symbolizing the positive relationships you have with another human. To remove any confusion for those who may not have heard of this term before, this has nothing to do with actual brothers or sisters. Instead, it is a pact between good friends that seeks to make their friendship ascend to the next level of brotherhood by combining their blood.

This was usually done by having both participants make a cut into the palm of their hand and then shake hands, which would combine the blood, hypothetically sealing their friendship. This pact or ritual was followed very religiously throughout history and even brought to modern history as a trend that thankfully died before the creation of the World Wide Web. …


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