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A new player within the Cold War

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China’s first atomic test on October 16, 1964, in Xinjiang. Mao wanted to prove the nation was a global power. (Source: Shout China Morning Post)

The famous “Arms Race” from the Cold War-era describes the tensest moments of the 20th century, as every major nation was preparing for a potential World War III. As I have mentioned previously in many of my articles and history podcasts, the Cold War is seen as a war of intimidation through the showcasing of military power as well as a nation's potential to conquer the world or (from a different perspective) to bring the world to an end.

Since the start of the Cold War, China kept very quiet. Many historians argue that they had, in fact, been under the influence of the Soviet Union, and in a way, this can not only be represented by the communist ruling of Mao Zedong who was the Chairman of the People's Republic of China. The Soviet Union did not only see plenty of resources within the country, but also a large workforce, capable of being transformed into a military power at any given time. …

7 hours and 19 minutes for $2,500 in 1893

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Jack Burke and Andy Bowen (Source: OnThisDayInSport)

History has definitely presented us with some incredible fights, be it in sporting events or even war, and from this, we are able to admire how amazing the human race really is. However, there are some events in which some determine people keep on fighting even after they have collapsed more than ten times. This motivation or desire to win is usually created by a reason or a person to fight for, however, this case was a bit different.

April the 6th, 1893, marks a date which has entered not only in history books but also in the Guinness World Records book as the day the longest boxing match took place. This match was between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke at the Olympic Club in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA). …

Everything in this world is interconnected

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Vitruvian Man (Source: Mymodernmet)

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous artwork has always been seen as the pinnacle of art within human history. As a master of arts and science, he was always appreciated for his work such as incredible blueprints of technology, which was clearly ahead of its time, and the famous Mona Lisa portrait. However, you must understand that the Vitruvian Man is truly his most significant work. It is not merely a piece of art but also a mathematical diagram that tries to convey the idea that everything in this world is interconnected.

It is said that this drawing, which was completed in 1492, tries to define a “perfect” body, from a physical aspect, with the right geometrical proportions which are measured by the man within the circle and the man within the square being perfectly balanced and aligned. From this theoretical framework, Leonardo da Vinci managed to create sixteen hypotheses. …


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