What is the value proposition of Creative Commons licensing? What is the challenge that we are solving? And how has this changed over the last decade, as the online ecosystem has deeply transformed?

Those are the questions that we asked ourselves at a recent Centrum Cyfrowe team meeting, while we…

In 1955, the World Festival of Youth and Students took place in Warsaw. Thousands of people from around the world that came to Warsaw gave people living behind the Iron Curtain a unique chance for a global perspective. Imagine that you could attend a global event for your movement just once in your lifetime — what would you do then? (Photo: NAC)

Imagine that it is the XXII century and your favorite Open Movement organization has chapters in the dozens of planetary systems inhabited by mankind. Dozens of chapters, spread out across the vastness of space. …

Alek Tarkowski

Head, Centrum Cyfrowe / Public Lead, Creative Commons Poland / Communia Association. Dealing with all things open, with a policy focus.

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