The top reasons to take a job in Chicago…beside the job itself!

What’s not to love about Chicago? If you’re a foodie or a sports fan or somewhere in between, Chicago seems to have it all. So if you’re looking to make the move to the windy city, here are a few reasons (beside the job) to do so.

1. Lake Michigan
Chicago may not be home to any ocean or mountain range but it is home to Lake Michigan which hugs Chicago to the east. With 18.5 miles of beautiful coastline stretching the length of the windy city, Lake Michigan offers miles of urban beaches and bike paths and has plenty of green space.

2. The Sports
Not only are Chicago teams amazing but the stadiums are also national landmarks. Whether you are a Bears, White Sox, Cubs, Bulls, or Blackhawks fan (or all of the above!) there is a sports team for everyone.

3. Architectural Capital of the United States
If you love architecture then Chicago is the perfect town for you! Chicago is home to some of the first modern skyscrapers and is renowned for its current architectural wonders. Several tour companies are specifically catered to the “treasure trove of architectural beauties” within city limits. Among some of the highlights, you’ll find the Wrigley Building, the iconic John Hancock Center, the Neo-Gothic limestone Tribune Tower, and surviving the 1871 fire — the Historic Water Tower which stands proud with its charming and unique medieval presence.

4. The Food
If you think Illinois is all about deep-dish pizza and ketchup-free hot dogs, think again. Sure, these items are delicious and definitely what many people think of when they think Chicago food, the list of tasty treats doesn’t end there. Chicago alone is full of many diverse neighborhoods, each with their own culinary traditions. Whether you’re craving Mexican food, Indian, or the famous “Chicago mix” from Garrett Popcorn, you’ll have access to it.

5. The Cost of Living
Compared to slightly larger metropolitan counterparts like New York and Los Angeles, rent in Chicago is much more affordable even in the posh buildings downtown. Some say that it’s the expanse of the geographical area that drops prices; others say that the lack of a true “yuppie influx” is what prevented cost hikes. Whatever the reason, Chicago is one of the cheaper major metropolitan areas to call home.

6. It’s easy to get around the city
Public transit is great and while Chicago may not be as compact as New York, it is still a very walkable city. It’s bikeable too! Chicago has more than 200 miles of on-street protected, buffered, and shared bike lanes. And without the hills of San Francisco or the cab congestion of New York, biking in Chicago is an easy and economical way to get around.