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1 Getting Started

This is legacy content from our support platform, which is not already covered elsewhere in our blog.

Please note that following the decommission of our platform at the end of October 2019, some information below may be outdated or no longer relevant (such as references to our support platform for example, which is no longer available). For all support queries please follow instructions on the home page.

1.1 Creating an account

Welcome to our user registration guide.

  • To complete the registration you will require a photograph of your ID document, such as a passport or an ID card (driver’s license is not accepted), a scan, a photograph or a print-screen of a utility bill, bank statement, tax return or a similar document as proof of address and a selfie picture of yourself holding your ID document (please be careful not to cover important information) and a paper with “Rialto Trade” hand written on. …

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IMPORTANT: We will discontinue our automated trading services: market making algorithm, crypto basket products, and instant asset exchange as of 15th September 2019.

As the operator of RialtoTrade™ ( online trading platform, iTrade LTD is registered on the island of Malta as a virtual financial assets (VFA) service provider and is required to submit a licensing application after the transitional period of 12 months ends.

Unfortunately, with the current scale of the business we are unable to meet all of the requirements for licensing under the Maltese Virtual Financial Assets Act. …

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High returns at high risk

Crypto has divided the public opinion like very few things before it. While some think blockchain technology is going to revolutionize every industry it touches, others think it’s rat poison squared, however the one thing that everyone can agree on is its immense volatility.

Anyone planning on entering crypto investing, should make sure they have the stomach for it, because they are guaranteed to be embarking on the wildest investment ride of their life. …

Luka Glogoški

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