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Please note that following the decommission of our RialtoTrade.com platform at the end of October 2019, some information below may be outdated or no longer relevant (such as references to our support platform for example, which is no longer available). For all support queries please follow instructions on the RialtoTrade.com home page.

1.1 Creating an account

  • To complete the registration you will require a photograph of your ID document, such as a passport or an ID card (driver’s license…

IMPORTANT: We will discontinue our automated trading services: market making algorithm, crypto basket products, and instant asset exchange as of 15th September 2019.

As the operator of RialtoTrade™ (www.rialtotrade.com) online trading platform, iTrade LTD is registered on the island of Malta as a virtual financial assets (VFA) service provider and is required to submit a licensing application after the transitional period of 12 months ends.

Unfortunately, with the current scale of the business we are unable to meet all of the requirements for licensing under the Maltese Virtual Financial Assets Act. …

High returns at high risk

Anyone planning on entering crypto investing, should make sure they have the stomach for it, because they are guaranteed to be embarking on the wildest investment ride of their life. Very few people can handle an 80%, 85% or even 90% decline on investment before it shots up 10,000%? …

When we launched our new RialtoTrade.com platform we based our algorithm fee structure on the Bitcoin value of the marketmaking basket of assets.

As it happens, the launch of our new platform roughly coincided with the start of the 2019 bull market, which caused the Bitcoin value of the 12 different assets, which include significant amounts of fiat currencies, within the marketmaking basket to lag behind Bitcoin regardless of the profit that the algorithm was producing.

A lot of our users were confused by this and complained about the apparent loss generated by the algorithm due to how we were…

Today marks an important milestone for our RialtoTrade.com automated trading platform. After many months in development and then further couple of months of upgrading and tweaking we are now finally ready to start the marketing phase.

This is great news for our current users as it means they have the greatest opportunity to bring in the most new users and therefore earn the most referral rewards. So without further ado, here is our referral program.

RialtoTrade.com referral program

Referrers will receive 0.25% of all invested assets from all new users that they bring…

We are delighted to announce the launch of a newly developed product under our RialtoTrade brand. The product doesn’t yet have a final name, so for the moment we’re calling it CryptoExchange powered by RialtoTrade.com and is available to try in all EU countries in beta mode at www.shapeshift.trade. If the product gains sufficient traction we plan to also integrate it and make it accessible on our RialtoTrade.com platform.

Automated crypto exchange service allows for fast and easy exchange of crypto assets without the need for registration. …

We have recently rolled out a large number of significant updates to our new RialtoTrade.com platform, with a view to improving the presentation and transparency of our products’ performance. We’ve a lot to cover so let’s dive straight in.

USD is now the primary metric

We also began receiving regular questions from our users about posting a “loss” during…

How to register on our platform?

For more details on registering an account please see this support article.

How to deposit funds to the platform?

As we approach our second monthly anniversary of the new RialtoTrade.com platform launch, we have our first major upgrade ready to be deployed. Here’s what you can look forward to seeing on the platform very soon.

Updated email design

This policy applies to all existing XRL digital token holders who have not deposited their XRL tokens to the rialto.ai platform by the 31st December 2018 deadline or contacted RialtoTrade.com support for manual XRL token redemption by 15th March 2019.

Our previous Rialto.ai platform, only allowed users to access our products by depositing XRL tokens. After the Rialto.ai platform was replaced in February 2019 by the updated RialtoTrade.com platform, the XRL tokens no longer have any utility as they are not supported by the new platform.

For this reason we delisted XRL tokens from all exchanges and have now setup…

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