Madras Spice Coffee

How to spice up your morning

Despite a rotating single origin coffee subscription, I’ve been bored with coffee recently. As flavored coffee isn’t an option, I poked around the spice shelf & settled on this recipe.

3tbl handground coffee (Honduras Angel Paz from Hyperion Coffee)

1 cardomon pod

2 cloves

5–6 coriander seeds

Toss the spices in with the coffee and grind.

I’ve been preparing a pot of french press daily. The spices compliment the tartness of lightly roasted beans. Plus, you can brew a lighter coffee but retain the flavor with spice.

Turns out variations of this recipe are common throughout India, known in Madras as sukku (சுக்கு) coffee.

I think I’ll experiment with more spice combinations, roasting and herbs, create a few spice profiles for when I’m feeling bored.

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