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The issue for me isn’t about whether he’s breaking the law, but the apparent disregard for any overt appearance of using the office for financial gain. Every president has gained financially from being president, however, it is usually after they leave office, not before they get into it. To show all americans that this is not his intent he should address the public about what his intentions are with regard to his business, his family involvement in government and business, etc. Simple (at least it should be) outreach by Mr Trump would allow people to at least set aside fears of inappropriate behavior until he takes office and starts to prove himself via actions. It would be much easier to accept business meetings occurring that are supposedly to clear up business conflicts in current deals, if he would proactively tell us what he is up to, instead of leaving it to interpretation (which unfortunately is a very common approach he has used through his campaign). I totally concur that he has made no “sacrifice” in his successful attempt to become our president. If he wasn’t willing to make whatever sacrifices he and Ms Conway think he’s made, he should have never run for president. I also find it appalling that he is making all of NYC, and the residents of Trump Tower, sacrifice much more than he seems to be willing to do, by disrupting the lives of people that have no part in his presidency.