Break the Discontent

We’re human not robots

If you look at your life, are you content? Completely + utterly elated. Do you see every second, minute, hour and day as a gift? If not — why? What is it that is stopping you from elation? It’s time to break the discontent.

It’s time to face what is stopping you — what is not letting you experience true happiness. It doesn’t have to be a “right” time — there is no “right” nor “wrong” time to go after what you truly want. If you are able to recognize your lack of true happiness at an early onset — great. If you are a little further along in this life and are tired of not ever being truly happy or satisfied then you can flick the switch today. Happiness is an emotion, a state of mind, a choice that we make everyday. We can either choose to continue down a mediocre life where we are not full, not choosing to strive for deeply rooted joy, always with “what-if’s” OR we can change our lives, lifestyle choices, we can tap into and zone in on what brings us the most happiness. The deep truth is that no one is deserving to just skate by {I sure as hell don’t want that for you} — you can either push yourself off the cliff to meet your maximum capacity for happiness or you can stay safe far far away from whatever it is that will bring you happiness.

In order to get to your highest place of contentment chances are you will have to face some uncomfortable situations and emotions. Achieving your individual point of sheer happiness is not going to be a field of daisies — — it will be tough, it will break you down and push you consistently. There will be many times when you will want to wave the white flag and continue on your mediocre way. Your bliss, your contentment is worth more than that. There is no battle to big, no unforeseen mountains to climb, no disapproving folks out there, no tears that deserve precedent. Your happiness + life contentment is invaluable and quite frankly deserved by all.

Fear + Movement allows for the most growth + excitement.

Q. If you bring forth a magnifying glass and zoom in close will you only focus on the negative particles or perhaps that the overall mindset of how you are living your life?

Content is not an easy thing to define it will vary from human to human, day-to-day, year to year. The aspect that CAN be defined by self-selection — is a personal decision to be made :: that you are choosing to live in complete content. The lesson I have come to learn is that we are the creators of our definition of our lives. We are walking, breathing living dictionaries of our time on this Earth. Everyday you have the ability to change your definition, add a new word, change things up with new slang and so forth. If you are not in a place of sheer gratitude for every single day that you awake it’s time to reevaluate your why not? Don’t cease your chances by not attempting to strive for complete happiness. As mentioned, it will get uncomfortable {especially when it is something that may or may not equate to the “normal version/ideal” of what you should be striving for, doing with your life} people will question you + doubt you. But remember you are not on a mission for other’s {their} happiness — you are here to find and live yours…

“Yes, terrible things happen, but sometimes those terrible things — they save you.” Chuck Palahniuk.

Unfortunately, we will be dealt certain things that will really try hard to make us unhappy or begin falling back into mediocre. We can’t be happy all the time — we’re human not robots. Though you can choose how you deal with life’s curveballs. Think of the phrase “there is a silver lining in every dark cloud.” Take failures as lessons. Take departed relationships as a way to bring the right ones to you. Take it and Grow from it.

Struggles make us honorable.

Struggles increase our elation when we survive.

Struggles are valuable.

What do you want, what does happiness look like for you? Better — what is stopping you from this? Why stay in a state of “just ok” when you could be completely utterly elated and full of life. You need to do whatever it is that will bring you excitement (or a high level of content) everyday. If you find yourself saying this is impossible because you are miserable in your job — it’s not. You choose how you choose to feel. You can stay in a place of misery or you can attempt to bring joy. Sometimes we must do the impossible, the things that scare us most often bring the highest return.

At the end of the day if you are smiling for simply being alive that is when you are content. Not smiling yet? Do something about it. Create your contentment. Go into battle if you have to. Toss the old.

Remember when one thing does not work out you have the power to see the sunrise again. That is our beautiful capacity as humans. Up to right now I’ve learned a lot and I’ve watched the sun set and darkness fall many times but the sun is always going to rise once again and it will be naturally gorgeous with the right ones watching it rise alongside me.

Don’t let anything or anyone be the death of you. Make the move. Have the conversation. Let your sun set to make room for the sunrise. It’s time.

Get uncomfortable for the greater good.

Your life will thank you massively.