This article is my first draft of the co-writing project I am undertaking with Maurice Codourey @Couderey. I am first publishing here to test before editing for the project.

The popularity of behavioral science in Japan

In Japan, using Nudge in policymaking was inaugurated by the Ministry of the environment in 2017 (note 1 & note 2)…

As I prepare some talk on the design practice surrounding artificial intelligence, I looked into critical design projects on the web.

I love what students of CIID do. It is a school and innovation centre closely related to where I learned interaction design (IDII).

The student has described my point of view quite clearly. Designers and other non-engineers in the domain of artificial intelligence are much needed as a development team member to bring in the personality of intelligence to fit to serve the system or users of the system. In solely engineering oriented field, especially in France where designers tend to be disregarded unless you are either building architects, fashion designers or other media “artists”.

That personality includes “moral”.

Akemi Tazaki

Designer, researcher and facilitator

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