6 Ways You Can Tell the Drunchies Have Set In


Everyone has most likely been there, the place where anything sounds appetizing, even the most disgusting foods, but ooh look Tacos! Here is 6 ways you can tell the drunchies have set in even if you don’t want to admit that you ate this food voluntarily.

1. Food! Food for everyone!


You don’t know what type of food you want but all you do know is you want copious amounts of it. It could be food you have never tried before or have always put up a fit about eating it but the drunchies tell you something different.

2. The End Goal is Key


Even the most disgusting food seems appetizing because it means you get to consume nutrients and nutrients give you more energy and more energy means more drinking. College is all about the goals, even the less practical ones.

3. Help Me I’m Poor


You realize you’re a peasant like all college kids but the idea that you could eat some take out now and forgo food for the rest of the week doesn’t worry you one bit.

4. Your friends Look Appetizing


Well not Appetizing but you do get a little more hungry and sad when they tell you they aren’t hungry yet so you’re looking for anything to sink your teeth into.

5. The Golden Arches Look Like Heaven


You’ve decided to take one for the team and go to the only place in town where you can feed 5 people for under $5. You feel like a king with a full sack of hamburgers and it doesn’t even hit you till the next morning that you ate “meat” from an unknown or mixture of animals.