As an advocate for the disorder I am DISGUSTED by this post.
Shaylynn Hayes

That’s not what the author said. Maybe you should re-read the post? Keep an eye out for “suggests”, “some”, and “other”, where the author is communicating different viewpoints and theories (not statements of fact). Also? The murder references are an obvious joke. Mostly. I’m a staunch believer in nonviolence and have never hit anyone in aggression, but certain noises and frequencies are pretty much the ONLY thing that can enrage me; sometimes my reactions are so physically painful and intense that I quite literally can’t move and am frozen and consumed with an intense desire to physically harm the source just to make it stop until there’s a break in the sound and my brain kicks in. If you are a sufferer, maybe your reactions aren’t that bad? For a self-appointed “advocate”, you’re doing a poor job.

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