Random Acts of Kindness

  1. I help my most juniors by telling about study, activities and future of engineering spending more than one hour in this activity.

2. I call one of my class fellow who is worried and frequently he said to me “I don’t know my technical subjects well , I forgot the subject just remember before the exams. He was highly demotivate person.But I call him to encourage him and tell him about the event which is going to organized in future for revision and job hunting.

3.After prayer from mosque, I do Salam Dua from 3–4 people and asking about their health and life.

4.Met with old teacher who teach me in second year of my F.Sc and tell me I am in PU doing chemical engineering after F.Sc and he was very happy to listen to this.

5. Appreciate the friend on doing job on night shift and encourage him.

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