Introduction to Blockchain (part1 )

Blockchain works in a chain mechanism.

It is just like a chain used to tie up , if u pull the first rear , the whole chain comes in together .

The pattern is the same all over the companies .No data is ever lost in the memory of a blockchain.

Blockchains cannot change patterns.

It would lead a complete collapse of the business.

They cannot change the pattern since the company will collapse.

The process of blockchains works in Hashed pattern algorithms.

Each blockchain from rear or backwards have all the informations.


  1. Decentralised BANKS
  2. Distributed Ledges

3. Money Laundering(Blockchains have no central bank or govt permissions)



Linked List is an basic algorithm , for Blockchains

But the advanced version of Linked List is useful is memory.

Hashed Patterns and unique ascii value comes in use right here .

The Hashed Value is stored in every block of the chain .

You take out any one block the whole block will give u the history , geography of the function .

The logic is very simple .

The mechanism is no value is ever lost .

The chained info is stored in each and every block.

For Example: RVIAN CASE Study explains no transaction is ever lost if you have an email .You can travel anywhere and everywhere across the world and you will be still connected to RVIAN only because you allowed it once in your network.

Nothing ever changes with RVIAN .

Same hashed value will locate you and they have your identity .

Every RVIAN Vehicle is a clone of each other .

Once a RVIAN always an RVIAN.

The hashed value remains same in every map locations.

Another Chain of RVIAN is Supply Chain Tracking

Blockchain enables origin to destination with detailed information with in every step of the journey .

Date , temperature , location methods and so on .

How long the long item sat in a warehouse ,how much time did it spend on the train . The informations are gauged for their own BENEFITS.

In the case of food borne illness , blockchain plays a major role by quickly isolating all the inventories from a specific plant to know from where the customers purchased their inventory.



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