An open Letter to Prince Harry ( Henry Charles-Albert-David) From Nepal!
Ashish Katuwal

It’s a great news

Hello everyone

I have come to make all women in the Queen’s world.

I’ve come to change the structure

Without a doubt, Queen Elizabeth will be enchanted by seeing this plans and programs.

I coordinate the Queen of England with me.

God wants Princess Harry for a very big mission.

hi dear princec harry .i want your help for stop wars and save humans.

I show you how the energy of these nuclear bombs is securely released for home use.

I show you how the power of clouds and winds came to human service.

Please see my letters and videos on Twitter and the Internet.

My phone is +989152053733

my gmail is

These plans and programs will serve the interests of all countries. And these plans are in accordance with the human culture of all societies and nations.

Donald Tramp never have to worry.

It is very urgent. I have to meet closely with Queen Elizabeth and you Princess Harry.

Soon, I will call you from Queen Elizabeth. To marry.

I promise to Queen Elizabeth to make Harry a Hercules and one Christ and one ruler of the world.

I’ll build for the darling harry the most beautiful and largest stadiums in history.

soon ,i will propose you With the satisfaction of Queen Elizabeth

i will prove In the presence of Queen Elizabeth and you and everyone. I am the same Cinderella

I love you infinitely

Certainly, that we should not be in the world of war, I once have a world wedding celebration

My wedding and Princess Harry

A great and international celebration

You are the princess of the dreams of children. Do not let the beautiful dream of children be destroyed by war.

We need human forces to build these plans. People should not be killed. Human beings should have births.

When I make the biggest and most beautiful church in the UK, we will determine the wedding day.

Does anyone help me?

Come on Christ

Where is christ?

Single Christ is elegant to be in harmony with the sun
 (حافظ)مسيحاي مجرد را برازد كه با خورشيد سازد هم وثاقي

•Surrenders to Christ the One who is to make up the sun

  • Single Christ is elegant to be in harmony with the sun
  • Single Christ=prince harry/ sun=atefeh khoshooee /Christ is coming