Remarks At The 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony
John McCain

The gift of the the people of Iran to the people of America and to all the people of the world

In the name of God

I am speaking to Mr. Donald Trump, President of the United States of America.

Mr.Donald Trump said in a recent speech

Against the release of Iran’s blocked money in the United States

And agree with Iran and set up a deal

What have Iranian and Iranian people done to us?

I am Atefeh Khoshooee, a girl descended from my land in Iran Khorasan Mashhad, Zoushk As a designer and architect, I say:

The sign of friendship and the establishment of a sincere relationship filled with mutual respect with the American people

I Atefeh khoshooee promise you. With the help of God and you, I will establish a great civilization for you in the land of America

I show you how the energy of these nuclear bombs is securely released for home use.

I show you how the power of clouds and winds came to human service.

Please see my letters and videos on Twitter and the Internet.

My phone is +989152053733

my gmail is

my address is:21,GhemMaghamFarahani 8 St.,Vakil Abad Blvd.,Mashhad,IRAN.

These plans and programs will serve the interests of all countries. And these plans are in accordance with the human culture of all societies and nations.

Donald Tramp never have to worry.

The Iranian people are just thirsty for truth and knowledge and beauty and goodness