Photo: Rachel Wolfe, Louisiana Musuem of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark

With much of America and Europe up and down themselves with political and social policies on identity, and historic trauma identity, and itch begins to stir and arise.

Presence. Where are we today- but in today?

Undeniable the genetics our foreparents birthed unto us created a lineage of traits, characters, and qualities. The differences in culture, nurture confirmations and denials on values. We need not to called to ration, but to reason. We need not to be called to unity but acceptance.

Our thinking is built into itself. Language has its own series of login, constructing ideas within our minds. But reality, as so all our senses function to present us, with what is-or what is present.

Much time and effort has gone into perception, from a cognitive and analytical canon. This view tends to subjugate the agency factor of the self-making process, often dormant within a human being.

The presumption has been, we are self-made, so as long as we decide how we spend our day. The detail of nuance goes as deep as the function of the immune system. These are biological forces, humans have the capacity to work with.

Working in resistance with forces builds tension. Working with forces builds intelligence. The idea driving the motive tends to produce the outcome. That is how intention can sometimes fail, and how ideas that seemed sound, are later to be found as unsustainable.

Free will requires understanding an idea doesn’t exist without a consequence. The foundation of engineering, structural dynamics, and the concept for free deeply abstract, such as that of time and value.

These ideas are often purported to be driven by some elite that has it out for the rest of us. The blighted, the weak, the sick, the ill. As if we are perpetually locked in a bible on a shelf, locked away in the corner of a buried stone castle at the bottom of the sea, people play make believe because the weight of the labor they face is too great. Their desires meet the annihilation of motive, not because they cannot get there, but the odds are perceptibly stacked against them.

Las Vegas is often considered quite a spectacle, and a most likely improbability to a naturalist. Everything was put there, and economically, a strip continues to thrive. The desire seeking meet the odds which are played through a game.

The difference between Las Vegas and life, is that life is not Las Vegas. False equivalences dominate popular thought, and with reason. That is the dominate input to our nervous systems. Monkey see, monkey do. And the alternative, education, doesn’t necessarily teach how to think. Some schools do a more thorough job at this than others. So as long as we prioritize the identity and the feelings of the individual, we cut ourselves off from growing the cognitive skillset psychotherapists have tried to be “helping” us with. The word help goes in quotes because it is said, one can only help themselves. Then what a double bind to then guilt those who help themselves.

Taking a look at the meaning of the words, can reveal our self-made hypocrisy to ourselves. In an instinctual urge to not feel pain, we create our own cages, our own pain, our own systems of control.

Why? And this is merely a speculation: we do not trust ourselves. This is not about self-reliance or self-love, this is about self-trust. Before getting caught up on what self is, that is the feeling of something will go good or something will go wrong. Good tends to mean, the way we desire, or can foresee, and wrong meaning the way we do not desire, or cannot foresee. Does that mean the event itself was good or wrong? This constructed spectrum is based around the self. And why do people say that is self-absorbed? When vision is a function of the senses. Does anything in nature feel good or bad about being hurt? And do those feelings pass? If you are still alive after a time of not feeling good consider:

There was a saying people used to degrade art-in that it was navel gazing. If you play along, and close your eyes for a second and breath properly, your navel will push out and fall back with the exhale. Take a look at that now. Your own life, degraded. What kind of idea is that?

Judgements are handy. They serve us in designing the kind of life we want to lead, but they can sometimes derail the clueless, and dishearten the naïve.

Growing tired of the narratives on the internet, one has to wonder…what desire leads us there anyway? Perhaps we are all learning a great deal about our similarities and differences. Shocked and astounded at times, reviled and disgusted at others. And it is all ok.

We have gone so far with the progress of our civilizations in such a short time, we have lost contact with the way nature works. China hasn’t. Somehow the country has a dense population, high level of production, service, and also boasts some of the worlds’ most fertile grounds for agriculture.

In our fight for human entitlements, with the aim to reduce injustices, which in fact do exist, we have gotten caught up in ourselves-not in our navels, but our minds. And in the quest to do away with the self, in essence we forgot the human nature of balancing self and service, creating extremes by exiting the middle grounds to technological advancements. Since there is no going back, or there is if we see the political trend to regress people to their generations previously instead of use the direction of our eyes, which is forward or asleep, and we want to consider the kind of life and society we create in the future is up to us-now, everyday. Do you really want to steep yourself, in yourself? Or do you wish to diversify your inputs and engage with the world?

The thing is, as is often the thing, the sense of awareness of what is not within reach overwhelms the complicated and delights the simple. For as much as people can temporarily hack an algorithm they figure the pattern out to, to create anything lasting, something of substance, we have to look at our trash. What we waste, what we value, and devalue, where we spend not only the currency we spend, but the time we spend and choose accordingly.

The free or subscriber based ideas were great. Seemed like a good idea, except we depend on this floating system to gather our basic needs. We know that. The system doesn’t incite competitiveness; humans have competitiveness already within them. Possible qualities are within a body, latent or active, and this is where the self-making happens. Growing awareness of what we value.

While everyone talks about self-love, look out. Really, look out. Walk quickly the other way, because someone who really wants you to love yourself wants little to no responsibility for their language or behavior on your feelings. Critical thinking does not have to cost empathy. We, as people, can have both. Making up your own mind, requires imagination and courage. And where you gain your visions from, within or out there, does not always determine their result. Create accordingly.

Artist, Designer & Educator from the US, living in Norway.