Leather in fashion: from shoes to bags, the material lasted the most unwinding market tendencies.

Leather material in fashion and the eternal search for being young… forever.

The once evergreen material, if not reinvented fast, faces the high possibility of being completely replaced.

Genuine leather has always been one of the most popular materials used in fashion for hundreds of years — and that’s nothing new.

It has survived most trends and diverse tendencies without suffering much ups and downs, as we could witness with many other materials in the market.

Loads of countries have excelled in producing good leather. Australia and America are some examples, just to name a few. Italy’s fashion tradition and constant research for quality reflects what it is to expect of its leather-made production.

The country in fact is well-known, thanks to the Made in Italy phenomenon, to have not only the best raw leather products, but also one of the most curated manufacture processes of all times.

With the mass consumption growth (and decline) observed in the last 20 years, though, it has become quite hard to identify what is really genuine leather and what is not.

Can leather finally be timeless?

Unfortunately, we got used to the lack of quality of most leather products out there.

And although leather’s veracious characteristics is a plus, high maintenance has always been required.

Leather goods owner’s have permanently faced difficulties on keeping up with hassles such as time aging. Making sure leather belongings look still appealing enough to be used is more of a challenge now then ever before.

In a society based on a crescent culture of disposable products, we felt the urge to come up with a long-lasting solution. Considering the not-so-new struggle to maintain leather’s good aspect and aiming at giving a helping hand to costumers all around the world, we teamed up with AEQUA to try something new.

Our goal was to finally answer an old need by building a bridge between our material technology soul and their Italian tradition, still bringing personal design to an innovative collection of superior leather quality goods.

Thanks to patented and certified systems developed through research and years of tannery culture from Northern Italy, AEQUA’s leather was enhanced with a thin and imperceptible film finish.

Practically what this finishing does is: it grants AEQUA items with proven and unique qualities that go beyond time. The final result is just the softest, most durable version of the material you could ever immagine.

Finally we can say goodbye to stain, water and scratch, since AEQUA’s products are resistant to all of them. In other words, we finally found a formula to make leather live forever.

Patented and certified systems grants AEQUA’s leather scratch, stain and water resistance.

But it wasn’t enough to make a beautifully designed leather bag. There are plenty of brands out there already doing the job. We wanted to swim against the current. It had to be functional and handy.

It had to cover all needs: from making available a useful slim wallet to developing a cabin-friendly weekender of all sorts, AEQUA had to be a reliable friend to reach out to in every situation of life.

Apart all of these features, being handcrafted already assures that every AEQUA accessory is different from one another. But what really makes it unique is that the collection is entirely customizable. From the main leather to the straps, handles and even the seams. Each part can be made in a different leather type and color, in such a way that the final product reflects its owner in every single detail.

Curious to see what it is all about in real life?

AEQUA is available for pre-order on Kickstarter until March 16th and has already reached its goal rather quickly. Its realistic stretch goal unlocks two new colors and earlybirds get the chance to pick items for a very convenient price, starting from US$49.

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