Suddenly I have so much free time

Escaping from 9–5 is a dream come true. I watch the rest of the world flurrying through the day and night. They sit patiently in front of a desk in suits and ties and barely smile. They stare at laptop screens in a cafe and occasionally order a cappucino. They drive quietly along the highways and picking up people and dropping off people. The way to enjoy life is to believe that you are doing the right thing?

Complete freedom to do whatever I want for the next month, or more. Not worried about anything. Have a nice room. Have two nice computers. Have some ideas and some books. How do I overload my schedule again? How do I follow orders again? When everything fades into the background, bites of sounds and visuals start echoing back and forth. It is then you realize how your position in a social network directly affects your life. This effect has previously been hidden. Quietness brings your subconsciousness back to life.

How you spend your free time defines who you are. People like taking adventures in groups, because that’s how we are wired. But when you are stuck in a group that you don’t see yourself belong to…

Then live like the way you want.

Read, write, and make. Now I’ve escaped from 9–5, then what?