Alan Kay on How Many Books You Can Read in a Lifetime
Charles Chu

I find that even if you read a lot, most people think it is a waste of time and don’t seem to find any correlation between the fact you tend to know more than them, have a better vocabulary and can tackle new things with more ease than them with the fact that you read so much. English isn’t my mother tongue, but living in an English speaking country I frequently get told “your English is so good” or “I wouldn’t have thought English wasn’t your mother tongue”. My friends and those that know me a little more say that I have a better vocabulary and knowledge than they do “and they were born here”.

All of this just because I can easily finish a couple of books a day (or at least one) and have been reading in English since a very young age, so I logged inside my head all those words and now use them everyday. Yes, at times I mispronounce them because I’ve never heard them before only read them, but I can spell them to anyone.

Of course, there is also the wonderful benefit of reducing stress, allowing your brain to rest, expanding your knowledge, making you more creative and/or analytical. There is a lot of good to be had, even in the shape of delicious meals from a good recipe book.

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