This Is How Your Fear and Outrage Are Being Sold for Profit
Tobias Rose-Stockwell

Very good way of putting it all together and easy to understand and explain. I admit that the adage of “nothing is free” has helped me go around apps and things like that. I just know that there will be ads and just ignore those ads and avoid click bait titles. I had stopped looking at news in general and still do mostly because most of them are badly informed and manipulating data.

My first reality check came when I was doing research and found out how funding is given and how you get an article published in Nature or Scientific American. It is not about you finding something and showing it to the world (even if it is a building block or anything like that), it is about something that sells. If you research is invaluable for your field but it doesn’t sound cool then it won’t get the attention and is sent to the sidelines. Or if it doesn’t align exactly with the results they want. I saw scientists manipulate data and force it to say what was expected just to be able to make a living as researchers or to be published and recognised. It made me extremely sad and I put my researcher career on the back burner. I do research without funding and on my free time as best as I can because I would rather learn and find things out than pan to what I should find even if it can’t be found.

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