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Introducing Merchbar.

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From the moment we founded Merchbar we’ve been driven by a passion for music, a deep respect for artists, a love of fans, and a reverence for the communities built around music.

Long before any of us started working in music we were fans — and as fans, we intimately and personally know the connection between fans and the groups they love.

Just like music is more than sound, our favorite band gear is more than threads and dye.

So we created Merchbar to celebrate music, musicians and their fans in five ways: Authenticity, Unity, Discovery, Identity and Invisibility.


The relationship between fans and artists is one of the most intimate there is.

So as we’ve created Merchbar, we’ve ensured each item we present is authentic by sourcing nearly everything directly from the artists themselves.


The best experiences are seamless and fluid, without walls or dividers. That’s why we invested months building landmark partnerships with every major merchandise company in the world as well as deep relationships and partnerships with many of the best independent merchandisers and artists. The result is the world’s only unified destination for music merch.

In doing so, we’ve created the only place fans can discover and acquire merchandise from over 10,000 of the world’s greatest artists including:

Led Zeppelin

The Foo Fighters

The Rolling Stones

Katy Perry

Bob Marley

Jay Z

We are especially excited to bring you the entire merchandise catalog of one of the greatest bands of all time…

Merchbar unites an unprecedented number of artist apparel, posters, vinyl, memorabilia and collectibles — over 100,000 unique items. Already the largest selection of official merchandise in the world by far, we work every day to bring fans more gear from the artists they love.


The breadth of our catalog is so massive, the quality of the merchandise so high, the nature of music preferences so personal, that we’ve created an entirely unique challenge for ourselves — how do we surface unique, engaging, fun and beautiful items for each user?

We’ve answered in four ways:

Human Curation

Each week, we personally review newly arrived, most shared, and most purchased items along with upcoming events, seasonal changes and trending item-types to curate relevant, interesting and timely collections.

The Merch Chart

The only comprehensive ranking of popular merchandise in the world, shared with the world.


Browse the totality of merchandise from any of the ten-thousand plus artists on Merchbar.


For most fans music is intensely personal, so we knew we needed to create a new type of recommendation system that brought together humans, algorithms and data in an new way.

First, we review each fan’s preferences to understand the artists, genres and categories of music they love.

Then we use big data to find the most timely and interesting merchandise.

But data alone isn’t enough, sometimes you need a human touch.

So for months we’ve personally evaluated tens of thousands of items manually, by hand, to select gear based on its uniqueness, quality and relevancy to ensure the best items are front and center.

The result is a completely unique system and pairing unavailable anywhere else.

And this is just the beginning. We’ll be sharing more with you over the coming months and years.


As fans, we’ve never looked forward to purchasing merchandise. From long lines and unclear restrictions to hidden fees and unnecessary complications, the act of buying is nearly always a tax on an amazing experience.

We often wish we could just make it go away.

So that has become our goal at Merchbar as well: Combining state-of-the-art security and technology with the ease and friendliness of getting a beer at your neighborhood bar.

To do this we’ve spent months testing and refining a breakthrough purchase flow, the most simple and fast anywhere — typically taking users less than the length of a songs chorus from start to completion — all while never, ever compromising on security.

This simple process is made even faster for Apple users as the Merchbar iPhone app is the first and only music app to accept payments with Apple Pay.

Find Merchbar on any device, so you’ll never have to wait in line again. Shop from the bus, from your desk or while sitting in your seat waiting for the show to begin.

Simplicity is hard and while invisibility is nearly impossible, we will keep working to make the pain of transactions disappear.

And just so there isn’t a second thought — Merchbar not only matches or beats prices from official stores, if there’s a hint of trouble, not only are we available by email, but phone too.

Thank you

We are tremendously excited to work with you to create Merchbar and are honored to support the fans and artists of the world.

So when you try our app or visit our website be sure to let us know what you think — we’ve been creating Merchbar for you.

Edward Aten — Founder

Download Merchbar Here

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