As a person who supports of individual choice where reasonable, I encounter this argument…
Memphis Blues

And I don’t. The fact remains that I think that access to healthcare is a right and that no one should have to go without or be ill because they lack money. I am comfortable with the belief that it makes me morally superior to you. As I said, I don’t know how to make you care about someone that is not you. You’re not going to.

You can not argue this is liberty versus freedom. That is absolutely 100% fucking bullshit and a callous and empty argument at best. A government by the people for the people means just that. Our government officials are a reflection of ourselves and what we want out of our country. I want the poor and the sick taken care of. I want education. And I want motherfucking healthcare. There is no freedom in watching a loved one suffer , to go without care, to rather die than put a financial burden of treatment on their family— when there is help just beyond reach — because sorry, I have mine; because sorry, we can’t; because sorry, sorry, sorry. It’s empty and cruel. I find it pathetic on every level.

And the Big Dig? As someone that lives in downtown Boston and uses the Rose Kennedy Greenway, I FUCKING LOVE THE BIG DIG. You have no idea how awesome it made downtown. I mean, I’ve lived in MA my entire life. I remember the shitty central artery and the traffic it caused. I remember the shitty, gross, dank underpasses you had to walk under to get from one of town to the North End. It’s SO much better now! To me, that’s a great example of government sending. We did a big, complicated thing and it’s worked out GREAT.

Edit to add: the Big Dig ALSO brought about some amazing advances in engineering that legitimately changed many parts of the field. I mean, the pouring of the giant concrete circles that they had to move underwater to put in place? We learned SO much from that. It benefits the entire world to this day!

One more edit: The Big Dig also never crippled the state financially or wound up being some gigantic disaster (the debt load of the T notwithstanding). We’re thriving today. Again, it made the city so much better. It made us attractive to companies and people. The price it cost has been more than paid off and the dividends will continue to be reaped for years.

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