Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Anyhow. It’s Friday. But more importantly it’s the LS last day of school for the year. Bring on summer! We spent all of last night deep cleaning her room. Good times. Gooooood times.

Tonight: going to get burritos at El Pelon and then seeing Wonder Woman before taking LS home. Tickets already paid for, am assuming dinner for three will run about $25-$30.

Tomorrow: dunno about the morning. If it’s not actively thunderstorming I will probably go for a run since tomorrow is my last chance to run for the next two weeks. Apparently you are not allowed to run when you do IVF medications. I may go insane. Then we might go to Tacopocalypse at SoWa as well but I might not want to spend the money. I’d give it better odds we hang out at home. Then we’re going to the Breakers game with my SIL and niece. Not sure if my sister is going or not. Then zee husband and I are going to Boston Burger Company because we have a gilt city thing. That should only cost us the price of a beer or two and tip ($20).

Sunday: up eaaaaaaaaarly to get in the first beach day of Summer 2017. Will likely grab a breakfast sandwich and a coffee from next door before hitting the road ($10). We plan to beach from 9ish to 1ish, so I’ll be home early afternoon. Will likely grill something for dinner. We have some frozen split chicken breasts in the freezer. Maybe I’ll marinate them tomorrow and we’ll do that. I’ll say another $10 for incidentals related to dinner and $10 for beach snacks.

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