Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

August 2016 — really all of 2016 — can go die in a fire. SO over it. The party on Saturday night went great. I managed to time the food just right so it was all done and ready to be eaten at the same time and it all came out super delicious. There was plenty but not so much I fear I’ll be throwing away leftovers.

BUT. The rest of the weekend? JFC. Friday I left work, got a run in at the gym, bought a shitton of corn ($19), and then lugged it home on a 2.2 mile walk in blazing temps and dew points in the 70s, only to remember (when I saw it) that there’s a giant farmers market in Copley Sq on Fridays, which is THREE blocks from my new condo, and I could’ve just bought the corn there and NOT lugged it home for miles and miles.

Then husband came home and we drove over to the old place to move a desk into the car to bring to the LS (free; unimaginable amounts of sweat). Then we went to Brookline to buy cake ($50) and beer ($30). Then we went home, really happy that we’d gotten in these errands early and would have plenty of time to clean and cook for the party. It was like 5pm at this point.

Get to back door, realize that at some point the keys to get into our apartment had fallen off my husband’s key chain. Just those two keys. The two keys to the street gate and back gate? Still on his key chain. The four keys to our old apartment? Still on his key chain. The key for the front door to the building? GONE. The key to the back and front door of our unit? GONE. He locked the door when we left, so we definitely had them. Naturally my keys were in the apartment, as were the spare set we made to put in a lock box on the front of the building (we just haven;’t had time to get the stupid lock box thing). Cue racing back around town to re-trace our steps. Nadda. I still have no idea how that key ring broke off his main key ring. The keys were in his pocket for 85–90% of the time we were out running errands! So then we spent $185 on Friday night locksmith visit and didn’t get into our place until nearly 8pm, which meant being up cooking and cleaning until just past midnight. And also there was a $75 parking ticket thrown in for funsies. We blinky parked at the end of our street to unload a heavy thing and in the time it took to do that (literally not even five minutes, we only put it inside the front door of the new place) we got a ticket. We weren’t double parked, we weren’t blocking access to the street, and we had our hazards on and the back hatch open.

Then Saturday the central air broke before the party. Luckily we had planned to spend it on the patio but JFC. Now we have to call an a.c. person to come give us an estimate.

I am a suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper cranky mofo today.

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