Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Blah. This cold is getting worse not better and it’s putting all of my plans in jeopardy. It also kept me up half the night in fits of coughing and now I am one cranky mofo. And the WORST part is that it’s stupidly nice out in Boston and I haven’t been feeling well enough to go out for a run at all.

Anyhow, tonight we’re keeping it very low key. I plan to be on the couch in pjs by like 6pm at the latest; earlier if I can swing it. Will need dinner and will estimate $10 for groceries or $25 for takeout of some sort. Husband is 100% in charge.

Tomorrow: supposed to meet husband’s sister and her family (they’ve got a nearly 4yr old and 2.5yr old twins) for breakfast at IHop. Husband will go, I will stay away if still sick. Estimate: $30-$40. Then we’re supposed to drive up to NH to stay with a friend group for the night (they all ski) but again, that may be scratched. If we go, we’ll be going out for dinner ($50?) or ordering in pizza ($20). We’ll also grab snacks/beers ($20).

Sunday: supposed to hang out at Gunstock for the day while the others ski. I have no idea what husband and I would do. Maybe go on the mountain coaster ($28 for both) or tubing ($50 for two) or a snowshoe tour ($50 for two). We’ll see. Then we’ll need to eat lunch/dinner at some point ($50 for both we’ll say) and pick the LS up for the school week.

Total: $200 or next to nothing if I’m couch bound all weekend. :(

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