Friday Estimate
Mike Dang

First weekend estimate of 2016! Huzzah! It is also, of course, Austerity January in my world, so my estimates and Monday check-ins should be far lower then they’ve been of late.

Tonight: staying in and cooking dinner. Probably finishing How to Make a Murderer. I do need to get a few groceries — green peppers and sour cream for tonight, maybe some other stuff for tomorrow, so I’ll estimate $5-$25 for this.

Tomorrow: we’ll sleep in a bit (I’ve been sick so this is desperately needed) and then go for a run, stop off at the post office (someone has sent me a certified letter and I literally have NO idea what it could be), and hit up the bank to put me on my husband’s checking account because we have not done this yet because lazy. Then later on we have delayed Friendsgiving with his college friends. I think I like this better than trying to cram it in during Nov/December. I shouldn’t spend much on Saturday beyond getting a bagel/breakfast sandwich and coffee while we’re out, so I’ll estimate $15 for the day.

Sunday: will see LS and do ??? No idea. Maybe see Star Wars. Something inside for sure though as it is supposed to pour rain. I’ll estimate $50 for my outing with her. Then the only other thing we’ll likely do on Sunday is grocery shop for the week ($50).

So, all in all, trying to keep it to $100 or less.