“Did you get a flu vaccine this year?” the nurse asked me. I was curled into a ball on the table, huddled inside an old college hoodie. “Yes, in December,” I squeaked. “Eh, this year’s batch didn’t really match the virus that’s going around now,” she said, with a hint of ruefulness thrown in for how abject and pitiable I must have looked.
The Cost of Getting Influenza
Peter Severson

  1. Good job getting your vaccine!
  2. Super sorry about that. The good news is that we know why? I could say more but I don’t think I’m allowed to because confidentially agreements and whatnot and this isn’t published info. But we know why, someday soon this won’t happen, and if it does there will be a single strain booster shot available to stop outbreaks if the vaccine strains mismatch the circulating strain.
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