Monday Check-in, Post-Nuptials Edition
Ester Bloom

I didn’t estimate on Friday because we were in FL for my husband’s grandmother’s funeral (she was 90, had had advanced dementia for a number of years, and finally came down with pneumonia they elected not to treat). It is one of those deaths where I think the prevailing emotion was relief that her suffering had finally come to an end.

Anyhow, spent $696 on two round trip plane tickets to FL and a further ~$150ish on various other things (mostly food and gas for the rental car we split with his brother). And that’s fine. We have the money. But mon dieu. It just feels like we’re spending it as fast as we earn it and are maybe tipping into the spending more than we earn place. The goal of $10K in savings by year end is definitely not happening. Right now I feel like we’ll be lucky to have any savings.

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