How Much Should Jeans Cost?
Megan Reynolds

I don’t think I could spend hundreds of dollars on jeans even if I wanted to (spoiler alert: I don’t). I’m 5'8", which is not really all that tall for a lady, but most of my height is in my legs, so I’ve always had a devil of a time finding pants that are long enough. I used to live and die by Banana jeans in tall length but they appear to have stopped making them and now I have no idea what to do because I wear jeans to work.

Yes, other stores (Loft, Gap, etc) make tall length jeans but they don’t fit me as well as Banana jeans universally tended to. It’s exhausting because you can’t just go to a store and try them on. You’re ordering and returning lots of pants to find ones that work. :/

At any rate, I’m usually okay with $60ish for jeans. I try to shop either sales or use a reward coupon of some sort.

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