Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

I mean, whatever people. Those that are friends with me on Facebook know that I am LEGIT FURIOUS right now at the GOP. As it always seems to go these days, I feel like the actions of the GOP are directed at me, personally. I have lived through my mom needing ‘have this surgery or die’ and being denied repeatedly by her insurance company because it was a pre-existing condition. I have lived through frantically trying to sort out some way to make it happen when there was no possible way to afford it. She’s alive because the actual GOVERNOR of NV saved her in the end. That’s what it took. I would wish that experience on no one. It was cruel and unnecessary. The thought of going back to those days is unthinkable. As I said yesterday, to go through something like that is to suffer in a deep and lasting way.

Anyhow, plans this weekend are up in the air because of the stupid rain. Tonight we’re laying low and I’ll likely only be spending a bit on groceries (~$20 at most). But we’d been planning to have people over tomorrow to drink, grill, and watch the derby but that is not happening now. So now I’m not entirely sure what we’ll get up to. I think maybe go out with friends to watch the Derby? I think we’re seeing an old friend of my husband’s at the very least.

I’ll estimate $150 for the weekend.