Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

I think it should be low spend. Next weekend is Marathon Monday, which will be spendy, so we’re going to try to keep it cheap.

Tonight: just going home via a long, long walk most likely because the stress levels are hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. Hip is still rather busted, so I can’t even run right now. I tried on Monday night and it was awful. Didn’t even make it a full mile before I had to stop. Dinner is all set to be made so nothing needed there.

Tomorrow: I am NOT running a 10K. My husband and SIL will be. I will collect my t-shirt and downgrade myself to the 3mile walk and then be frustrated the entire time. I’m sure we’ll all do lunch after ($40). Then husband is going to the Rev’s game and I’m going to go home and actually spend some time there. No idea what we’ll do for dinner. I’ll sort something out. Maybe beer bread grilled cheese with bacon.

Sunday: probably stop by an open house or two. I think there are two that are of interest to us. Then homework with the LS. There’s an outline for a history essay due on Monday. There was a bit of a blowout last Sat. with her re: work ethic and attitude because she actually succeeded in snapping my last nerve. Anyhow she’s been MUCH better this week about school work (not so good about not getting into trouble at school, hence my exhaustion today), so hopefully she actually works on the outline before we go over it on Sunday. We shall see. Will probably spend a bit of money on groceries or something.

Overall hoping to keep it around $100 or less.