Introducing ‘Shadow Flipping’: Just the Latest Reason You’ll Never Be Able to Afford a House
Meghan Nesmith

I wish I knew. The Boston market (for downtown) only grows more insane with each passing month. The one TINY apartment we have a prayer’s chance of landing is only still on the market because the building is co-op and the unit owner is required to live in the unit. No buying it for your kids and using it as a rental property later. No buying it and renting it out long term. No buying it and renting it out short term via Airbnb.

As a result it’s running roughly $100K under market for similar apartments and it’s been around for about a month. Every other apartment we’ve gone and looked at is already sold, most for more than asking. One from late January is already back on the market as a pricey rental. The realtor for the one we might be able to buy has told us she’s had no less than 50 serious inquires on the apartment and ALL have been from people looking to buy and then rent and most are foreign investors.

Something has to give but I don’t know what.