Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker


We are PUMPED for this. Beavertail is a state park in Jamestown, RI that isn’t technically for swimming but if you know where to go, you can climb down a short path and some rocks to a decent sized crop of mostly flat rocks that you can jump off and swim from. Free to park, they have decent bathroom facilities, and no one cares if you drink teh alcohols. It’s all sorts of awesome and legit like something out of a movie. Photos below.

Tonight: going to go for a run (trying to get back up to speed after having to take a few weeks off for the IVF stuff, so this will be painfully slow), and then we’ll cook dinner and probably run to a packie. I think we want to bring a jug of frozen mai tais to Beavertail on Saturday. I’ll estimate $50 because I’m sure the husband will also find some beers to buy to have around. We’ll also need to buy snacks for tomorrow ($20). I may also make brownies but I’m fairly certain I have all the ingredients for that.

Tomorrow: Beavertail (see above). Then I think most of us are planning to get dinner somewhere in RI after we’re done with the sun and swimming ($50?).

Sunday: my parents are finally in town for the summer/fall after being delayed due to medical stuff, so we’ll be collecting the older kid (she’s definitely coming) and possibly the LS (but maybe not, she’s going through a dramatic phase right now and doing anything is just a force) and going to hang out with them at Summer Village for the afternoon. Am assuming we’ll spend money on something food related at some point on Sunday ($50?).

Total: hopefully under $200.

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