Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

It is zee husband’s 40th birthday this weekend. Went grocery shopping last night and (for those of you playing along at home) spent $230 on food. That included 15-20ish lbs of ribs (1 rack seemed to be 4–5lbs and it did indeed seem to contain a bit over a dozen ribs) and 10ish lbs of chicken wings (2 big bags). I am still fretting it is not enough but the good news is that my husband thinks I’m nuts. But then he’s also the man that thought 3 regular sized bags of chips was more than enough for the party.

Anyhow! Need to still get corn ($15-$20) and a cake ($30-$50 depending on size and if I also get cupcakes) and beer ($50?). Then I’ll spend the rest of the day cleaning and cooking what can be cooked today (free).

Saturday is his actual birthday, so we’ll sleep in and then I’m going to make him birthday cake waffles (the man loves sprinkles). Will do more cooking (free) and I have a hair appointment for a cut and a color ($175 total with tip). Then party! Wheeeeee!

Sunday I move the LS older sister into college. I still can’t believe she’s already in college! I swear it was just yesterday she was a little middle schooler. She’s going to Suffolk but initially moving into a hotel, so we’re going to show up and see what she needs to get her through until they find her and her roommate an actual dorm room. Am assuming this will entail a Target run but I have no idea what we might spend on that.

So anyhow, estimate is all the money. Again. Some more. Watch this space for exciting tales of Austerity September, where we spend as little money as possible and ignore our friends and family!