Tuesday Check-in
Megan Reynolds

It was a good weekend, if more expensive than planned. C’est la vie.

Friday didn’t go quite as expected. We still grilled hot dogs and ate them with chips and blackened corn for dinner per LS request ($25 at the grocery store, $7 of which was on candy). But a friend emailed late in the day asking to go out for drinks to chat about a shit time she’s been having of late. So she came to dinner and then her and I went out by ourselves for a bit to chat while husband drove LS home. Then her husband and my husband met up with us later and we got snacks and drinks ($57).

Saturday: I did indeed make myself go for a run. Then we made breakfast sandwiches at home and took a nice stroll across town to meet my sister and her family at the aquarium. That wound up being free for me because my sister decided she needed a family membership and that included one guest. The aquarium was mobbed but manageable. My 11.5yr old niece has grown about 2–3 inches since Christmas and is really feeling that whole “entirely too cool for anything her mothers might like” thing and so we all had a GREAT time giving her shit whenever we spotted her genuinely enjoying herself. Then we went to Tiger Mama and it was excellent as always (although our server wasn’t the greatest — one thing we ordered never got put in the with kitchen, one drink took nearly 20 minutes to come, and one drink never came at all). Tiffani wasn’t there, but her wife was so she came over to say hi and gave us comped dessert and free mini-cocktails to go with it, so we wound up tipping ~30% on the bill ($125 in total). Then we went to Target because it was right next door for two things (dish sponges and something else small) and lolz. Wound up spending like $40 because there were suddenly a dozen other things we needed, including a new toy for the cat.

Sunday: went for run #2 of the weekend and then we went out to brunch. Spent $25 on that because we had a voucher. Then we spent a few hours blissfully slacking off on the couch and walking around town. It was SO NICE OUT. Then I met friends for the Indian food club and Shanti in Dorchester is AMAZING. If you are local and you like Indian food, GO THERE. That was some of the best naan and lamb korma I’ve every had ($25).

Monday: slept in, husband made lemon pancakes, and then we slacked a bit before getting in run #3. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home ($25) and I made a really nice beef short rib ragu for dinner.

Total: around $300. Eeesh.

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