Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

It went as expected but the money spent was slightly higher than estimated. Also, this is totally a cold. Bah.

Friday: met husband’s friends for dinner and spent $75 because we each got two beers.

Saturday: lazed around, spent $4 on an extra large iced coffee, got my hairs cut and colored ($200 even. Have to keep that in mind going forward), and then took a long walk to a grocery store in Cambridge simply because it was so nice out that a long walk seemed ideal. Spent $50ish at the grocery store on the ingredients to make this (and got groceries for a few other things) —

And it was just as epic and amazing as pictured. We also spent $12 at Flour on some stuff for dessert. Then we spent the rest of Saturday drinking and hanging out on the patio, just the two of us, and it was ever so lovely and so very much needed.

Sunday: slept in, ate breakfast on the patio, and then caught up on the Leftovers once it started to rain. Cleaned, ordered pizza for dinner ($17), and got the teenager.

Total: just under $350

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