If You Want to Discuss the Senate Health Care Bill…
Nicole Dieker

Like garli, I should want to talk about this. But mostly I want to go find every single person that voted for Republicans and punch them. This is ACTUALLY PEOPLE’S LIVES AT STAKE. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?

My sister does pediatric global clinical trial management. Those fancy drugs that will someday cure you of cancer? She runs the US trials with teams of people for trials AROUND THE WORLD. FOR CHILDREN WITH GODDAMN CANCER. She’s nearly 41, and driven as hell, so she’s been high up in this world since before Obamacare. She fucking knows exactly what it’s like to have to tell a parent that ‘we’re sorry, we can’t because of your insurance.” AND SHE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE TO ACTUALLY HAVE TO SAY “I know it means your child might die”. And she knows all the fucking workarounds to the bullshit system we have in place and she will fucking tell you how much better Obamacare made her job. To think that we have to go back to before SO THAT SOME ALREADY RICH FUCKS CAN BE RICHER? FUCK THAT NOISE.

I literally hate everyone that thinks voting for team red is a good idea.

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