The “30 Under 30” May Or May Not Be More Talented Than You But They Are Better Off
Ester Bloom

My best story about the 30 under 30 Forbes list is this — on Marathon Monday in 2014, I was up on my roof deck with a few friends when this kid named Chad (with a snake wrapped around his neck) wandered over from the roof deck next door. He lets us play with the snake and he gets to talking to us. He’s a senior at MIT and he’s working on a beer marathon (26 beers over the course of a day and shot to represent the 0.2). I believe he was well into the 20s on the beer count.

So he’s HAMMERED at this point and the conversation is quite amusing because coherency is fleeting. But it does come out that his friends have this start up that he’s helping out with and he exchanges email addresses with my husband (husband is an engineer). We weren’t sure at the time if he was talking about a real thing or not (it was about growing plants indoors in like a bookcase type hydroponic thing) because so, so, so drunk but my husband did follow up with him and his company at the time wound up doing some engineering work for Chad and co.

Fast forward to the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30 list and there are Chad’s friends and a splashy feature on their startup.

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