I’ve never been comfortable with PTO; it’s never made sense to me that your sick time should eat…

My company switched to PTO for everything last year and it’s only 20 days a year. Before it had been 15 days vacation, 5 personal days, and sick time as needed, no formal number of set days but you did need a doctor’s note if you were out more than three days in a row.

Do you know what the end result of that policy was for me? When I had my most recent miscarriage in March, I stormed into the office of the Head of Research in North America and had a total meltdown because I did not want to use two of my days off because I was having a freaking miscarriage and needed a D&C. I did not have to use the days and it is clear now that taking days for things like that is now to be allowed and they won’t be counted.

But most people could not do that. I was lucky in that I’m well liked here and am a solid employee who does good work. And also I am out of fucks to give about things like that. It is, when you think about it, a rather cruel policy that allows for no dignity or grace if life goes pear shaped unexpectedly. I shouldn’t have had to go and share personal medical information in order to make my point. And the policy change is unofficial. If you have a manager that wants to be a jerk and stick to the rules, you’re going to be SOL.

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