Monday Check-in!
Meghan Nesmith

Never estimated on Friday because crazy day at work but it was a low spend, low key weekend.

Friday: husband got some groceries ($40) that covered dinner for both Friday and Sat. nights and some lunch stuff for him next week. Then we took a quick walk to get cold meds at CVS because I thought I was coming down with something (don’t think I am, thankfully) and that was $30 and not covered by my FSA because ???? I need to look into that. Then we got some cheese ($4) at Shaws because husband had forgotten it. Then home for dinner and house of cards.

Sat: was going to sleep in because LS and her various issues are actually causing me to lose sleep these days but cat decided 7:30am was GREAT time to plant her butt in my face. And then I couldn’t get back to sleep so that was fun. The best part is the cat belongs to LS. We’ve just been caring for her the past year and a half since they can not have cats at their current place. Anyhow, we scrapped the Sat. morning run and instead spent a lovely time crisscrossing the city getting donuts ($15) and going to an open house (free except it was 630sq ft and $599K and didn’t even have in unit laundry and then I wanted to cry). Then we went home and cleaned ALL! THE! THINGS! Then I put on pjs and husband cooked dinner and it was nice.

Sunday: finally slept in and felt more human. Went for a really nice 4.75 mile run before heading over to LS house to do homework. Instituted new rule of if you can’t be bothered to check your math homework before giving it to me, I will create two new math problems for you to do on the spot for every one gotten wrong because of carelessness and I will create five if you can’t even be bothered to attempt a problem. This is where we are. She can do this work, she just doesn’t want to most of the time. She had FOUR math problems to do. She did two, got a third one wrong because she put a decimal in the wrong place and didn’t even take two seconds to realize her answer was impossible, and then didn’t bother to try the fourth. So then there was a lot more math for her to do. Hoping that this makes her realize she needs to slow down and actually pay attention to what she’s doing. The good news is that she hasn’t skipped or checked herself out of a class the past two weeks and she got a B+ on her last physics quiz. Then husband went home and I went to dinner with two friends ($35).

Total: $125ish.

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