Will Moving to Los Angeles Change My Life?
Stephanie Ashe

Once, a very long time ago I read a line in a book that has stuck with me. It went something like “some people are born at home and they are lucky. Others spend their whole lives searching for something they may never find”.

I’m the first bit. I’ve lived in MA my whole life (north shore FTW), and I've lived in downtown Boston nearly for what will be 13yrs this coming summer. I’ve traveled enough over my life to know that I’m home. There is no other city out there that feels this way to me. I like visiting NYC, Chicago, Seattle, LA but I never find myself wanting to stay. One of the biggest surprises was finding San Francisco only okay.

For me, struggling but living somewhere you love is 100% worth it. Living in this city brings me immense joy and I never want to leave. I am home and it is wonderful.

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