Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Rawr. I am tired and craaaaaaanky today.

Tonight: taking it easy. Going for a run because this week was busy and I was a lazy ass that did not get up early and run on Thursday like I had intended. Then we’re going to eat the weird mismatch of leftovers sitting in the fridge. I’m sure leftover taco meat and leftover tequila lime chicken will be a great combo. That was supposed to sarcastic but that actually does not sound half bad now that I think about. Should be a $0 spend day unless I stop at TJMaxx to look for new capri length black leggings to sleep in.

Tomorrow: Long run again because the half marathon is in seven weeks and I feel woefully under trained. I mean, I can run 5–6 miles right now in one go without wanting to die after, which is theoretically where I should be. BUT. I still really want to die while I’m running those miles, so I feel like I have a long ways to go to 13.2. Anyhow, $0 though we will probably get something to eat in the breakfast sandwich family afterwards ($15). Then we’re going to a friend’s homebrew-fest, so we’ll need to hit up the grocery store for stuff to grill ($15) and a six pack ($10).

Sunday: no idea just yet. May use a voucher for brunch (would just be tip, so $15ish). May go see my mom (would be free except it never is, so I’ll say $40 for that). Definitely want to go grocery shopping at some point ($100ish)

All in all it’s actually very up in the air. Will try to keep it to $150 or less.

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