Does her mom have any opinion on all of this?
oh this is heartbreaking.
Nicole L

She’s 100% fine with outsourcing this to me. Actual thing that happened — I’m over there Monday night, FURIOUS about the Tinder thing, and I said to her mom “I want her to come stay with us during the school week”. Mom goes “okay” and then LITERALLY walks about the room. Like “great, kid is not my problem anymore. Peace out!” But this was all mid-yelling. Like, don’t leave the room? Maybe be involved? Maybe have some sort of opinion about someone being like “I’m going to take your kid to live with me”? Nope. Just walked out of the room and stopped being involved.

She loves them. They would not be nearly as sweet and loving as they are if they weren’t well loved. But her parenting is non-existent beyond that. Have some boundaries. Have there be some sort of consequence for doing the exact thing you were told *not* to do. Don’t just be “well, it happened, what do you want me to do about it?”

So in some ways, having her with us is just going to be easier on us. I won’t have to run over to Malden if there’s an issue. Because as my brother put it over the summer when there was another issue, her mom is just going to do what’s best for her and leave me to deal with the fallout if it’s not the best thing for the girls.

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