Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Should be pretty cheap but could be spendy depending on Red Sox tickets.

Tonight: not doing much. We’ll eat at home and take a walk to the city Target to get some cereal and milk for the weekend ($10). I am wiped from this week.

Tomorrow: hoping to get Sox tickets to a specific game when they go on sale tomorrow. Aiming for bleachers but also aiming for a large-ish quantity. So this could $0 to $200+. We’ll see. We would eventually get paid back for the tickets. Then we’ll go for a run and eat cereal. Will see the LS at some point but not sure what I’ll do with her. Anyone have any suggestions?I’ll estimate $50 for this. Husband is going to a birthday party for a friend but I’m skipping that.

Sunday: might go to an open house in the North End. We’re not ready to buy yet but we do want to get out and look and get a real sense for how pitifully little we can get for our money. Then we plan to use a gift certificate we have to Ducali’s to eat endless rounds of pizza nachos and drink beer. This should only cost a tip ($8-$10?). Then ??? Dunno. The plan is really just to wander around the city since it should theoretically be quite nice out.

All in all, less than $100 if we don’t get Sox tickets, more if we do.

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