Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

So in the past … 13hrs I’ve seen TWO people get hit by cars (I suspect both will survive). One was a homeless man that was hit by a car turning right while he was halfway through an intersection (in the crosswalk, I don’t know how the lady didn’t see him). Props to the attendants at the Sunoco station that gladly stored his shopping cart in a little nook in the back in case he wants to come back for it. The other one was a lady cyclist that was doored this morning on Mass Ave. Protected bike lanes can’t come soon enough.

Also we got a surprise $2000 bill from the condo association for work that was done to the place in the 15mths before we moved. I have no idea why we’re responsible for this. Especially repairs done in Feb. of 2015. Husband is calling everyone he can think of to get an answer on this.

Anyhow, 2016 can eat it. This year. I’m telling you.

Today I have already run ($0) and eaten a breakfast burrito ($4). Once I leave work at 1ish, I’m off to City Hall to get a new South End parking permit (I think this is free). Then we’re off to my parent’s summer place to celebrate all the August birthdays in the family (dad, husband, niece, SIL). I owe my SIL a gift of some sort but that will come later so I shouldn’t spend anything tonight.

Tomorrow: pack, pack, pack, and hten maybe pack some more (free except for the part where I’m sure it costs me a good chunk of my sanity). We’ll eat out for all meals because I have packed up the kitchen 100%, so I’ll estimate $30-$50 for that. Can’t imagine it’ll be anything fancier than burritos or something.

Sunday: MOVE. Movers come at 8–8:30. Will cost about $400 for them plus tip (let’s say $500 in total). More food eaten out ($30-$50). One super pissed off cat (free).

Total: We’ll say $650 or so.

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