Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

So multiple times this past week the upstairs neighbor has blasted Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is”. Am assuming he’s no longer with the nice lady we met the other day. At any rate, I can’t. stop. singing. this. Not that that’s a bad thing. Power ballads have their place in this world.


Tonight: grilling turkey burgers, probably making the teenager apply for more jobs (this is a force btw. If you want to know about modern slang, my husband has written a helpful primer —, and then we will take her home and collapse into bed because it’s been a loooooong week. $5 on corn and probably some chips at the grocery store.

Saturday: am supposed to go for a run but I have a strained butt muscle. We’ll see if it happens or not. It’s also Pride Parade day and the parade goes down the street behind us, so we’ll likely grab a beverage and a red solo cup and go watch that ($0). Maybe also get some rainbow donuts from Blackbird because they look fun ($12 or so if we do). Then we need to clean the condo and spend some ruminating on how we really need to just hire someone to come clean. Then I have the birthday of a friend’s husband. I’ll estimate $75 for this as it will likely involve dinner.

Sunday: FINALLY going to be hot and sunny. Will head to the pool at my parents summer place. Will bring beer with us from last week’s party, so will likely only spend a bit ($20ish) on snacks and whatnot. Then we’ll either grab ice cream for dinner or head back into the city and go out. Maybe we’ll grill burgers. I’m not sure. I’ll say $50ish and hope for the under.

Total: Would really like to spend $150 or less.

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