Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

This week went by so fast. And I am happy to report that all my work problems from last week have resolved and I haven’t even had to talk to Dwaine since Wednesday.

Tonight: I think the older child is coming over so I can teach her how to make salted caramel chocolate chip oat bars. Will need a host of groceries if that happens (plus some stuff to make a broccoli slaw to go with the chicken sausages we plan to grill for dinner) — $45. ALSO CAN I BRAG ABOUT THIS KID FOR A SECOND? SHE GOT STRAIGHT As HER FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE! I am desperately proud of her because she worked her ass off. Will also try to make myself (and husband) go for a run. We ran all three days in Vegas last weekend and I still wanted to die when we went out in the heat Wednesday night, so we’ll see how this goes.

Tomorrow: slacking/running/cleaning. Then I think some friends and their 5yr old are coming over to grill with us (they haven’t yet seen our condo). Will probably pick up some stuff to cook and some chips and whatnot, maybe some sidewalk chalk for the kid ($20)

Sunday: maybe going to see my 11yr old niece play soccer but I think that’s about it as far as plans go. Will likely spend some sort of money on food or groceries or whatever ($30?).

Total: hoping to keep it to around $100.