Friday Estimate!
Ester Bloom

We get on a plane tonight to go away for a week, so I am planning on us spending all of the money. So no real estimate because I’m probably not going to be checking in again until next Monday.

But tonight we fly out to Vegas to see my parents for a few days. We’ll likely take the T if it’s not on fire or disabled somehow. Small chance we’ll take a cab or Uber though ($25 if we do). Flight’s at 8, so we hope to get to the airport with enough time to eat dinner ($40 at Beerworks if we can manage it). Then $10 or so on snacks and a drink for the plane, which I like to have even though I rarely touch them and we’re flying JetBlue so I will be given snacks and drinks on the plane.

Tomorrow: running outdoors in glorious 70 degree temps. Then we’ll sit in my parents backyard and be warm in the sun. Then we’ll ???? No idea. Maybe go to Laughlin, NV and walk along the riverwalk or go to Lake Mohave and wade in the water. I’ve never been but it sounds lovely.

Then Sunday is the (in)famous donut run where we run 4.5 miles downhill from my parents house to Pink Box donuts and reward our efforts with donuts ($20). Then I don’t know what we’ll do. At some point an aunt, cousin, his wife, and another cousin arrive in town. We’ll do dinner with them on Monday.

Then the rest of the week is driving to Moab to meet up with my husband’s brother, his wife, and their 5yr old to see the Canyonlands and the arches before hitting the south rim on the Grand Canyon on Thursday and heading on to Phoenix, AZ so my BIL and SIL can run a marathon on the 27th. Then we come home!

Most things are paid for already but we will be eating nearly all of our meals out, so I’ll estimate $700 for the week.